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Awkward situations

You can run into someone whom you don’t want to see because it happens accidentally. And as you having these situations, you become social enough to handle that awkwardness.

So, it’s brilliant to name this app as “Anti-social” app.


Do you wanna use it?


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I think you should change a preposition “in” to “from” to describe the Sun or the Moon rises, don’t you think?  Because they move! They move pretty FAST especially when they rise and set.  I agree to use “in” for the polar star. But only for it, you can use “in” i think.

About the Sun set, I would say “the Sun sets into the sea.” becuase I live in front of the sea, so the Sun always sinks into the sea!

By my cell-phone camela



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This video took away from my head that heavy downpour and stormy wind. It’s just beautiful. I should not say so. because it took 12 people’s lives and 55 people are still missing.  I usually forget that we are mere human kind that the nature could kill us anytime, it could destroy everything you have. Every time we face a natural calamity, we remind it again and again.  I could take it this way that human being so stupid that they could rise again and again, rebuild towns again and again. I can’t help but hope people who lost something because of Talas, that great earthquake, tsunami, and nuke trouble could have their lives back as soon as possible.

It’s been controversial, only in my head, but how do you think about to take your children to the disaster area to let them  learn “what is helping others” or “What is charity”  ?  Maybe, kids could learn much about like “how they have been enjoying happy, rich comfortable life” . You could let them find their way to serve others. and its very important and great. But if I were a victim, I don’t want to be an educational material. A teacher said on TV this morning that Tohoku is the best educational spot now for every kids. So, I’ve been thinking about it.

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I came across this site, which you can upload your photo of your face, and make that up freely. http://www.glam.jp/beauty/make_over/



I usually make up lightly, so I was just curios how I could be if I wore full-make up. Then the face I made was….it’s my aunt!!! OMG! I looked like my aunt attending a wedding party. Please…it showed me you can’t be out from your kindred.


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Chinese English

When I pointed out some unfamiliar English expression in a sentence written by a Chinese, she said “It’s Chinese English.” very flatly. It’s nice. …

I can’t tell precisely but the documents written in English filled with errors which had been handed in to one of  the Japanese Ministries had been accepted before I entered my company. I found that today in a portfolio. The man who made that document didn’t know much about English, so I assume that he used Google or Yahoo translator to make it. I don’t know exactly, but that letters was so crap!  But it WAS accepted! By a Ministry which handles the nuke issue now….OMG….it’s a secret.

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I’ve been worried about an orthodontic issue with Momo. It’s caused by my DNA. Even though the Japanese don’t care so much about their dental issues, I’ve hated my teeth, and hesitated to grin since I was bullied about it by a boy.  Momo has a so cute smile! I don’t want her to feel same as me. To take care their teeth not only for cavities but for health or beauty become more common in Japan too these days. Fortunately, I was introduced a very good doctor who learned the orthodontic skill in the US by one of my friend whose daughter has the same problem as Momo.

Yesterday, we visited the doctor and Momo was examined a lot before starting her actual treatment. She did it well. Before leaving the room, the doctor recommended us to pull off her baby front under tooth which had been shaky and almost drop. We agreed. Then we could see his magical technique!  He said “Momo, I will pull off your tooth and that tooth will come out from your nose, OK?  So, when I say ‘GO!’ , you blow your nose as hard as you can, right? ”  Then he pinched Momo’s nose with his left hand.

“Aaaaand…GO!”  Momo did blow her nose hard with a very serious face.

Actually, or as you know,  he pulled off the tooth with his right hand, and then shifted it to his finger of the left hand. BUT It was incredibly quick! I couldn’t see it! It’s like a real magic!

Momo was completely stunned.

Then she started laughing ! I know that she could do nothing but laugh! It was so wonderful (as literary for her) and great moment. I thanked him to give her this special memory because that is the first baby tooth she lost ever. He also gave her a small box to keep it.

I hope she would like this clinic and keep having treatment until she got a big cute smile!

And she still believes that tric was real!!







私も、ももも、一瞬、ヘッ? 状態だった。 いや~久しぶりに感動した(笑)

I’ve been concerned about AZ in Arizona. Are you OK? The news of the sand storm was aired in Japan too and I was scared. I even didn’t know that such a huge sand storm can exist!! I hope you are fine, and I’m so sorry.

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No title…

What is it only women can do?  I guess it’s to deliver. What is it only men can do?  To provide a family? No. It can be done by women.  Lifting heavy things? Yeah, maybe. But it’s weak comparing to delivering, isn’t it?  This world has been so easy for women to live. I don’t really know what’s the difference between men and women anymore. Men are so women. OR! Oh! I found now! I’ve become too manly??? Oh, no…


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