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Last time, I have finished making the liquid leavening with chopped apples and water at last time. Please check that post “Home- made natural leavening 1” if you’d not read it yet.

This is the liquid leavening.hi380931


The next step is to make the starter with that liquid leavening and flour. I use whole grain bread flour, but the normal grain is also available.

Mix 1/2 liquid leavening and 1/2 flour in another disinfected bottle. This time, I mixed them in 7 tablespoons.hi380932  Keep it at room temperature until the dough rises to the double-volume. I put a marker with the green elastic band around the bottle in advance. 

See! The dough rose to the double the quantity.  At my kitchen’s temperature(68℉), it took for 24 hours.hi380939

Do the same thing twice more.  Add the bread flour, not the whole grain, and the liquid leavening in the same quantity.hi3809422hi380944






The second time, it took about 6 hours. After it rose to the double, keep it in the refrigerator for the next day, at least 6 hours later. 

The third time









This time, it took for 5 hours. The leavening becomes stronger and stronger, so the rising time became shorter.

Don’t keep the bottle over 77℉, or it will become too sour.

The next time, I will describe how to make breads with this starter!.


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I make breads with both an instant dried yeast and my homemade natural leavening. The instant dried yeast is very useful when I am in short supply of bread and want to make it rapidly. Also these bread tastes light, so they are good when I want to make bread with butter and milk. For example, breads such as sweet buns, rolls, sandwiches, and burger buns etc.  I can experience the flavors of their ingredients and fillings directly.   

On the other hand, the breads made of natural leavening have a complex taste. They are sweet, sour and sometimes a little bit bitter. So, I use it when I want to bake without butter and milk like baguette or pain de campagne. I love their unique flavor of their own. 


I will show you how to make the homemade leavening with an apple.


I chopped an apple and put it into a disinfected bottle. Then fill it with water to the top and cover it with a plastic wrap and an elastic band. The easy way to disinfect the bottle is to use a microwave. Wash a bottle and with the bottle still wet, put it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. The reason I fashion a lid with a plastic wrap is to avoid an explosion. Don’t be scared, but if you shut it tightly, it may explode from the pressure of carbon dioxide gas expired from fermentation.

How does it ferment?  The Saccharomyces cerevisiae is working. What is the Saccharomyces cerevisiae ?  For me it is too difficult to explain in English!  In simple terms, it is a kind of yeast used for brewing. The Saccharomyces cerevisiae  degrades sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. I can’t explain that process in detail, so if you want to know you will find it by searching “alcohol fermentation “.

Anyway, keep the bottle at room temperature (about 68 degree) for 3-4 days. Stir it with a big spoon once or twice a day, or it will go bad.


Can you see small bubbles on the apple slices?  It started fermenting. These bubbles are carbon dioxide gas.


In this time, it took 5 days. How long it will take is depends on the room’s temperature and the condition of apple. The natural yeast is active on around 68°F. In a cold room, it will take much more time. 

Then I removed the apple from the bottle and kept it in the refrigerator.

Please don’t forget to stir! Don’t wash the apple too much before you cut it, because the Saccharomyces cerevisiae will be washed away. So, apples without wax are the best if you find them. 

To be continued  “Home made natural leaven 2 (apple)”

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Breads in these days


Whole grain petit pain


Baguette bread


Two kinds of bagels




uguisu-mame(sweetened beans) and dried fruits mix




Pound cake with bananas, walnuts, and raisins


Chocolate cake for Tatsu’s 8th birthday!!



I usually make breads with natural leavening. It takes about 15 hours for fermenting in winter time, but its aroma is awesome!!

“Awesome”  is a new word for me!! I didn’t learn it in school. Awesome is a very awesome word because I can use it everywhere, except for the formal places! (^v^)

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corn bread and pumpkin bagel


for my boy who loves corns!


for me who is a  pumpkin lover!

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I baked them with natural leaven.

It took about 10 hrs, but I love its flavor of flour!




I wake up my son  every morning  over and over again.

But he is still sleepy.




After he left home to his school,

my daugter was kind to fold his pajamas that he had left on sofa.

I told her that she was so nice, and why her elder brother forgets to fold it every day!

She replyed ,

He must be busy in the morning becouse he has a lot of things to do.

He is not bad boy but clever, becouse he goes to school every day!


 I felt happy to know her love to him, and reminded my son’s babyhood.

 I was ashamed that I didn’t take much account of chirdlen’s small growth.

I shoud not forget that I don’t bring them up but they  do me up.


oh..It took so much time to write in English, but I’ve done the first post to the world!

Do you understand my sentences?

If I made mistakes, please let me know.

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