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esdigital_4543112561428“Nagashi Soumen” 流しそうめん Water is running from top to down repeatedly, and you have to catch flowing soumen(a kind of noodle) quickly!! Nagashi soumen had been popular amusement in summer long time ago, but now you can barely find the restaurant offering it.

“Makizusi maker”. It looks fun!

top2Kaiten sushi game. The kid manipulates the train that is carrying sushi(it has the plastic sushi toys but you can put on the real one,too) and you, most of the time, the kid’s parents and grandparents have to pretend to be fun. See the movie here. Tatsu wants it but I won’t get it, never!!


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It’s freezing today.

SO chilly today!!!

I had filled heating oil with…How can I say? … With a kerosene sucker !! Hahaha,  my vocabulary is too strange!!

We call it “灯油しゅぽしゅぽ/touyu syuposyupo” . It  was invented by Dr.Nakamatsu.
It is a kind of siphon tube to suck up liquid from a container into another.
It was invented for soy sauce because people in old days brought their own bottle to the shop and the shop-keeper refilled it with soy sauce. I have never seen that scene, though…

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Bratz or Barbies? How about Licca-chan?


Momo got this Licca-chan from Santa!
I used to play with a Licca-chan as a child. It is a long seller in Japan, maybe Barbies in USA.
Barbies too are sold in Japan, but Licca-chan is much more popular among the kids.
I think Barbies have little different tastes in their fashion and their faces look  too adolescent.
Needless to say, Bratz…may be too extreme.
Big eyes, cherry pink lips and long hair are the typical image of an idol for the Japanese girls (and some young men in Akihabara!!)

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Split-able cottons

How do you take care of your face everyday?


I use this useful commodity every morning and night.

It looks ordinary cleansing cottons, but it can be splitted into five.

After washing my face, I dampen it with water.

Then drop some lotion on it, and split.

I put each pieces on all over my face like her!

I keep it for 3minutes, and it’s supposed to moisturize my skin!

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