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Eco-weeding by GOATS!

Goats can work for human not only by producing milk & cheese. They weed very willingly for free. You don’t have to burn weeded grass, so it’s CO2-free. Money is saved much. They can weed even where weeding machines can’t go inside like under solar panels.


Why goats? Is there any chance for rabbits or cows? NO. Goats are the best because they eat very much and have strong legs for a steep land. You can see sheep not goats in the picture above. Sheep can’t climb so it can be work when you want to weed a flat land. Cows are too heavy to work at a cliff. Rabbits only think to run away from you, so you know, you gain nothing.

The most important thing is that they don’t eat crops! You don’t have to worry about a short of your own food when everyone has goats.

In Japan, a few groups have started projects to take these advantages of goats.

I guess goats should start business by themselves!





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Tako( Octopus )

I got a tako from a neighbor fisherman. Have you put a tako onto your cutting board ever? I mean a fresh one, still having yellow glittering eyes as if still living.  It was the first time for me preparing tako. I was raised in Akashi city and I’m still living there,  which is very famous for seafood, especially tako!

I’ve never prepared it before. I’d been lucky to have someone who prepared it for me. But this time, there was no one but me. So, I did it. I could throw it away! But I did, BECAUSE, Momo had to finish her homework of summer break . That was “a picture of seafood and our town” ! No way,, that is too cliche, isn’t it? And I chose a tako, Umm I’m so cliche as an Akashi citizen.

Anyway let me show you how grotesque it was….. 

You rub hard with salt to remove its slimy thing and fishy smell.


I was feeling sort of cooking Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean to this moment, BUT after it turned to red colour, I began to feel good!!

It became looking yummy!! Wow! I did it!

Yes! It has become completely A food, not a creepy creature any more! ( Maybe it’s still creepy for some people, though. )

So, I suggested Momo to draw it for her homework.


おいしいたこ means “Yummy Tako”

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Are these plastic bags common in your country? I wonder it might be invented in Japan, no? We use them to compact FUTON to make them shoved into a small closet like mine.  In a hot summer day, I hang all FUTON for winter to make them completely dry. And then pack and vacuum. It is kind of fun. it’s one of a few house chores that I like.

See? It’s easy to pile up many Futons in one place. I know my level of compacting them is low, because there are some tiny holes on bags maybe. I don’t care, but I needed to be hurry to finish it, you know? I had to put all my Futon into that place before they blowed up again.  And I made it!  So, I won, haha!


This is from my today’s dinner “Furai”, it’s named from “Fried food”.  I fried shrimp as named “Ebi-furai”, and some veges. My favorite is kidney beans fry!

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Howdy! I’ve been long absent from internet. How have you been?
I’m fine. I’ve spent just daily, normal life, but I assume it must be much happier than I think. Living as yesterday is very special, isn’t it?

In such a common life, I had a little bit unusual experience on the other day. One of my friend invited us to her field and let us pick berries and beans! It was the first time for us to pick up berries by ourselves. Strawberries were so red, so cute and so big!!
Momo, is fond of strawberries, was carried away and had mouthfull berries over and over. Embarrasing but she was such a wild monkey.

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Still snowing..

It’s rare to snow so much in my town, but today it’s been snowing consecutively.  I’ve never seen the white beach covered with snow since I moved here.


I’ve been wondering foods or cosmetics things contain ‘collagen’ are really effective for anti-aging? How do they say in your country? In Japan, it has a huge market and there are tons of products with ‘collagen’. That seduces me so much. I should say I feel even scary if I don’t take something ‘collagen’ products, I would be doomed. But I also heard there’s no evidence if it’s true. The collagen taken from your mouth is going to be digested and broken down into amino acid, then reassembled to many different kinds of protein. So you don’t know if collagen from foods would be reassembled to your own collagen or not.  On the other hand, I’ve heard this too that there is a study that the amino acid from collagen has a tendency to become your collagen, so it’s effective to take collagen or it’s processed product ‘gelatin’ for increasing collagen in your body.

I’ve been really wondering people who invents these foods or cosmetics are sure the effect or….  it’s just business?

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This traditional event called as ‘Mamemaki‘ was took place at the shrine nearby. I’ve never been there before. It’s the first time for me to take part in Mamemaki at shrine. ( I always have my Mamemaki at my home with family.)

These people are going to throw small packs of soy-beans at you. If you can catch it, you would be happy through this year. You can read more detail about mamemaki here. ☆☆http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setsubun

I don’t want you disappointed but I was… Actually, these people are city councilors!! I’ll give One con!

I was disgusting when they were pretending to throw packs at kids but actually they passed them to kids’ hands, or put them into their rucksack! They are such a sport spoil!  They gave us big smiles but is it only me to think it’s artificial?

Anyway, they threw packs over and over. People were so excited, but it’s too much. It’s aggressive!!  So, Two cons!

It’s smocky as you watch in the pics becuase of  sandy dust they made. So Three cons!!!

I don’t know why these political men were there in the religious event. I want you to ask if it’s common in Japan?? cuz  it was the first time for me.

Hmm, it’s not good, unfortunately. I will have next mamemaki at home with my family!

Anyway, the beans were so good. I love roasted-soybeans! They have another tradition. You would be healthy through the year if you had beans as same number as your age.  THAT  MEANS I have to eat 40 something! it could make me sick?

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Have you ever had Umeboshi (sour pickled plum)? It’s very sour and salty. It’s good with hot rice. I don’t want anything else when I really want to eat it.

I think it’s called as “conditional reflex” that a mere photo of umeboshi makes my mouth watery. And this adorable boy!! He made me decide to bring onigiri with umeboshi tomorrow for my lunch! 

Apparently, he  had it for the first time  and at first, he looked a bit shocked by its odd taste (it’s freaking sour!).  But he seems loves it, and can’t stop tasting!

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